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"Thanks for Visiting My Corner on the Internet". Ali

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Hello. I am a Zainer.a writer.a inventor.a Mutanta coffee lover.a Co-Founder
I live in a small Town in this Beautiful World.
I am passionate about Minimalistic things.

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How I Love to Do Things







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Entrepreneurship Consultant

Zain Iraq.

I currently work for Zain Telecom. I help entrepreneurial communities acquiring sponsorship packages, execute activities, train the population as well as communicating the needs to create the first Co-Working Space/Innovation Center of its kind in the country.


Marketing Manager / Acting GM

Hilark Co.

I am responsible for all the Marketing strategies for Hilark Co as well as representing the company as the General Manager.


VP of Product


I am responsible for planning, designing, implementing and deploying software projects.


Freelance Trainer

Icon Institute.

I am responsible for planning, Creating Curricula, Co-Authoring the Training Hand Book for Business Orientation to Vocational Jobs.



Master of Business Administration

New York Institute of technology

I studied Business stuff at NYIT. I Joined the CFA Global Research Challenge Winning the national stage with my team and competing on the regional stage in EMEA.


Software Engineering

Amman Al-Ahlieyya University

I got my Bachelor Degree at AAU. I create usable web interfaces, front end coding stuff and almost anything. But i love what i do.




















You can view my LinkedIn profile. I currently work for Zain Iraq Telecom as well as Hilark Co. I also serve as TechFugees Jordan Chapter Head.



Currently Serving as a Chapter Leader in Jordan For

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Who am I?

My name is Ali, a Scorpio…I’m a Developer, a Designer, a Marketer, a Consultant and a Business Manager. I’ve been in both IT and Business realms during my study years so that I combined both of them to operate in the realms in-between.

From early stages in my life, I knew I did not fit in slow-paced environments and rather I am comfortable in challenging ones. It started by examining my family orientation, My grandfather, a physician, established a clinic in Babylon and provided free medical services to those in need. He even kept the hard working until he became the head of medical department in his governorate, Babylon. . My father has displayed the same type of commitment to bettering the quality of life for Iraqis as a physician and medical director. He has played pivotal roles in establishing some of the leading cardiac surgery facilities in Iraq.

In 1999 I had my first challenge knocking my door, in that year and while I was only 11, my mother passed away. And the challenge to choose between failure and success came my way. I could easily decide to live a simple slow life without thinking of creativity and responsibility because people around me would only say that I’m a poor half-orphan kid who had his own reasons to fail. Instead of that I registered in my first institute “the national center for computing”. The challenging environment lifted me to become the first over a class of undergraduate computer science students.

This milestone gave birth to my passion in the computers and information technology realm. After finishing my high school I was offered the opportunity to study dentistry in Erbil University in Kurdistan state of Iraq. However, I couldn’t feel the relation with this field. Later that year I enrolled in civil engineering in Mustansirya University in Baghdad and yet there was no synergy between me and that field, then I decided to break some family rules to study the only thing that I knew suitable for me. I had to leave the country to study computers because it was and still somehow not following the development of that field around the globe.

I enrolled in software engineering department in Al-Ahliyya Amman University in Amman- Jordan, and I was able to finish my studies there in a record three years and become the first of my class. However, a good curriculum without the perfect environment limits you from exceeding expectations. I came to know that after having my highest grade in my graduation project which was a business social media which was presented a year later by Facebook as a “fanpage” project. If only I was in a perfect environment I would even present that idea before Facebook.

Later on I became curious to explore the business realm and its relation to information technology. I enrolled in an MBA program in NYIT. As an MBA student at The New York Institute of Technology, I was able to further my ability to influence others and enhance my research, leadership and teamwork skills. One of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of my MBA journey was the opportunity to represent my university and my now 2nd home and country, Jordan, on an international level. I was selected to form a group of 5 MBA students to represent the University in the CFA International Equity Analysis Competition. Our group competed against groups from 6 other Jordanian universities. At the end of the day, our team was awarded 1st place on the local level. We had the opportunity to travel to London and take part in the regional level of the competition. Unfortunately, our journey ended in London. But we returned to Jordan and our university as champions.

2013 marked another milestone in my life. I wanted to start helping others in the same age range to develop themselves and have the same privilege that I had so I started helping some Google Student Ambassadors in Jordan by lecturing about Google AdSense. I lectured three times, one time in the American University of Madaba, one in my old home Al-Ahliyya Amman University and the last one in Princess Sumaya University of Technology. I also participated in three Startup Weekend events in my home country Iraq, Two in Baghdad and One in Erbil. Currently I’m a member in the Jordanian Economic Policies Development Forum too.

in August, and with the help of my previous employer AMBRO AB, I founded Hilark Co. a company specialized with three different categories, Cables trading, Training & development and Software Development.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 I was introduced to a new world, the world of entrepreneurship through Startup Weekend activities, I mentored, Judged, Organized and facilitated in many activities and I’m currently serving as the team leader of Jordan’s team as well as the point of contact between the Iraqi teams. throughout 2015, I’ve succeeded in connecting more Startup Weekend local teams with sponsors like Zain Jordan and Zain Iraq. at this very moment, 4 different teams are deployed and well connected with local sponsors in Iraq (Sulymani, Erbil, Baghdad and Basrah). Through the activities in Jordan we’ve successfully deployed the main SWAmman team, SWAmman Women team, SWGJU, a local team for German Jordan University, as well as working with the Jordanian government to deploy a SWAmman mGov edition to help minding the gap between Jordanians and Mobile applications that are serving the public sector.

This Year in particular held massive changes into my life, in StartupWeekend adventure, we executed the first special Edition of that year, StartupWeekend mGov in partnership with Zain and the Ministry of Information Technology.

May 9th, was the day I met the Queen of Jordan, Queen Rania to report on StartupWeekend and Entrepreneurship activities on behalf of the organizing team. During November, we executed another GSB edition and were ranked 5th Globally in the Hashtag Battle. Top 5 in two consecutive years, WOW!

in May, I was a member of ICON-INSTITUTE helping the GIZ to perform a big development project in Jordan to develop vocational workers, the project ended with the end of the Year.

in June, With a friend, we established a Gaming Development Studio (appslab), I ran the production arm for appslab for two years before becoming entrepreneurship consultant for Zain Iraq Telecom where I’m managing the establishment of the first Co-Working/Innovation Center in Iraq as well as coordinating with the already established communities to facilitate their sponsorship requirements and activities execution.

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Business Development for Vocational Level

This trainer handbook was developed for the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in the context of the Training for Water and Energy Efficiency Development Program (TWEED) in Jordan. The purpose of this handbook is to provide trainers with the required knowledge and methodologies to effectively cultivate the required entrepreneurial skills and to  professionally facilitate the business development process among plumbers in Jordan.

The content and structure of the training are based on valuable insights which were gained through a preliminary market research mission in Jordan. The training encompasses 7 integrated modules which are based upon the Business Model Canvas (BMC) methodology. The BMC is a framework which is divided into two facets (left side: cost driven vs. right side: revenue driven) and in total encompasses 9 interrelated building blocks (Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels,

Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships, Cost Structure) that help describe the fundamental aspects of any business model. It is design driven and dynamic opposed to more traditional tools and methodologies such as the business plan. The BMC therefore provides the perfect basis for entrepreneurs when developing and growing their firm, especially in emerging and developing economies, since it allows to adjust and to redesign/ to align a business model to current changes in the environment.

Aside from the general BMC methodology and an in depth view into each of the 9 components (Chapters 4 & 5), the first two chapters illuminate entrepreneurial essentials such as time management or problem solving which are required when successfully operating a business.
Chapters 6-8 focus explicitly on financial aspects related to cost calculation, pricing, revenue and cost forecasting as well as break even analysis. This will allow the entrepreneurs to think more strategically about costs and pricing and how this ties into their overall business model.

After this training, trainers will not only be able to understand businesses better and describe them according to the 9 core building blocks. They will also have obtained the necessary skills to improve outcomes within each of these 9 building blocks as well as plot out the financial consequences of the decisions they make and actions they take.

Responsibility: C0-Author

Titles: Trainer Book, Trainee Book

Languages: Arabic, English

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