In The Beginning (Mr.IraQ Orphans Support Team)…

in 2006, I founded an online forum called (Mr.IraQ). the following year we surpassed all other competing forums with the annual registration numbers, threads, comments and visits. so we started thinking outside the box by creating a social responsibility team, we created this team in 2008, we kept working with orphanages in Iraq, doing parties for the orphans, checking school needs and other stuff. our last campaign before most of the founding team leave Iraq was to coordinate with Zain Iraq to install Mini-Cinemas in all the 22 governmental orphanages across Iraq in 2013.

While Living in Jordan…

I came across a number of initiatives and NGOs while living in Jordan since 2006. I volunteered in Operation Smile, Steps Organization, Lawin Hayatak Initiative and The Jordanian Food Bank. I helped the Jordanian Food Bank construct the current packages program with the Support of CocaCola and Aramex as well as helping is 30+ Lawin Hayatak Activities Organizing Especially Through Ramadan.


Tech & Entrepreneurship

in 2012 I received an invitation to Join Talal Abo Ghazaleh Economic Policies Development Forum as a member in the youth committee. I helped the Forum in constructing the internal methodology for issuing papers and recommendation. later in the same year I joined a group of GSA (Google Student Ambassadors) in a roadshow across the Jordanian Universities to lecture about Google AdSense and Google AdWords.

in June 2013, I was invited to Mentor in a program called StartupWeekend in Baghdad. Quickly I was enchanted by the outcome of such program so I volunteered to Mentor in their next attraction in August the same year in Erbil. and then Traveled as a Mentor/Judge to Basra for StartupWeekend on January 2014.

After Coming back from Basra I searched for the StartupWeekend Community in Amman/Jordan. I found that its not active so I sent a request to Seattle HQ to re-activate the program in Amman. They Approved my Request so I assembled a new Team and Started a whole new Journey.

on the 13th of February 2014, StartupWeekend Amman performed its first activity led by Me. we were hosted by Talal Abo Ghazaleh EPDF. few days passed before Zain Jordan invite us to build a strong alliance to perform a number of other StartupWeekend Activities in the Capital of Jordan.

Between 2014 and 2016, The team orchestrated 8 StartupWeekend Activities, organizing the First StartupWeekend Women Edition, The First StartupWeekend Government Edition and The First StartupWeekend Corporate Edition in The Middle East. We Empowered a University Students group to perform an Education Edition in their University GJU (German Jordan University) and Participated Twice in the GSB (Global Startup Battle) being recognized as a thriving community even in the side competition of HashTag Battle in Which we scored the 4th and 5th places Globally in 2014 and 2015 consecutively

On May 2015, We received Royal Recognition by Meeting Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan to report our activities to her.

On March 2016 I was Nominated by Zain Jordan to Mentor in Mosaic Program, later on the Candidate I mentored Ziena received the First Place Recognition in Building a successful Business Plan for her Startup Idea.

Later in 2016 I was Nominated to Organize a higher level Activity from the same organization that is StartupWeek, I assembled the same team and we successfully orchestrated a StartupWeek activity with our usual Partners Zain Jordan organizing 24 activities in the First Week of May.